Assessment Procedure

Briefly, this is what it looks like to do an assessment for your organization, population, or study (see example use scenarios):

  • Design the group assessment project with us — what questions are you interested in gaining insight on? We will design an assessment plan that meets your needs.

  • Your participants receive an email invitation to take the STAGES assessment, which takes only 30-60 minutes to complete.

  • Receive our report, showing how developmental levels break down according to the groups and demographic categories you defined. (Individual scores have anonymous IDs). (see the Sample Report)

  • For individual assessments, participants are referred to Stages International for certified human scorers, personalized feedback reports, and follow-up coaching sessions.


Or, in a bit more detail:

  • We have conversations about your goals for assessment and the characteristics of your population and the demographic categories of importance to your inquiry; we agree on a plan and terms for the project, and create a contract for the work.

  • You send us a list of names and email addresses of individuals to be assessed. We send out email invitations with a link to the Stages International STAGES assessment platform.

  • Participants take between 30 and 60- minutes to complete a 36 item sentence completion test, by some deadline specified by you.

  • At the deadline we use the StageLens technology to score the items from all participants, and combine these to get a center of gravity score and a range of scores (shown with a histogram that usually looks like a bell curve). We take all this data and produce a report for you.

  • The report includes the developmental scores for all individuals, but identified by anonymous numeric IDs. We also include summary statistics to compare groups, demographic categories, and/or time periods, according to the project goals. In-depth statistical analysis of the data is assumed to be your responsibility, unless agreed up otherwise in the contract.

  • If individuals or the sponsoring organization wants to follow up with human-scored assessments for some individuals, which include personalized comments and a coaching session, we pass you on to STAGES International for that work.

  • For a summary of validity studies of the STAGES model see the section on STAGES in this paper.