Do you have big questions about human development in organizations or groups?  
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Now in beta release!  Our technology is ready for early adopter use (accuracy described below).  Let us know if you are interested in being an pioneering adopter of this game-changing technology.

About the Project

StageLens R&D explores the application of state-of-the-art text analysis and machine learning (i.e. artificial intelligence) to build automatic scoring systems for adult developmental assessments. The technology produces an estimated score of the STAGES sentence completion assessment (developed by O'Fallon, an extension of the works of Cook-Greuter and Loevinger). Read the detailed report of our early exploratory research, and some more background information about STAGES

Adult developmental models of ego maturity, leadership, wisdom, and related capacities can help us map out the milestones and compass points of human potential that are so deeply needed to address contemporary challenges.

This developmental assessment technology can be applied to transformation- and wholeness-oriented organizations who would otherwise be unable to afford costly large-scale assessments. Our goal is to expand the uptake of integral and developmental approaches in society. See the page listing our collaborators



Our data science research has advanced to where can now offer low-cost developmental assessments for group-level scoring of the STAGES sentence completion test. Our ongoing quality control checks show that the average error is +/- one half developmental level; model performance is 95% accurate to within +/- one developmental stage, and we continue to improve it. Assessment results are accurate to better than plus-or-minus 1/4 stage when aggregated for groups, e.g. from 20 to 2,000 people (click on SCENARIOS). At this time we do not provide assessments for individual's learning or coaching (for that contact Stages International)


Contact us for terms of use.


If you have questions, want periodic updates, or want to inquirie about being an early adopter partner, contact us at inquiries@openwaysolutions.com or tommurray.us@gmail.com.