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INVITATION: The Participatory Agility Working Group will be organizing a survey and capacity-scan of the Agile community in coming months. Register to participate here. No obligation—we will send you an email later with more instructions on how to participate, if you choose to.                      (More info at the below the form!)


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This is what we are inviting you to do:  let us know that you are interested and, within the next month, we will send you a link to take a 45-60 minute online survey.  Your responses will be kept strictly confidential unless you give us permission otherwise.

We will process the data to produce statistical charts and work with our sponsors and other consultants to produce a report with results broken down by demographic categories. The report will include some tentative reflections on how the capacities of various segments of the Agile community meet the challenges of bringing Agile to their stakeholders.

What you get out of it: As an expression of our thanks for volunteering your time to take this survey and assessment, as well as helping the Agile community reflect on itself, we will send you a private personal analysis of your results. If you are interested in using this type of assessment for your own personal reflection, we will also provide links to help you connect with the appropriate resources including interpretation, contextualization and coaching.

Participatory Agility is brought to by a collaborative effort with: Pyxis, triaxiom9 Organizational Design Corp, Pacific Integral, and Open Way Solutions. More about our project at

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Exploring a Developmental View Of Our Agile Community

“Participatory Agility” is a field that hopes to take Agile to a new level, making Agile processes even more agile, responsive, real, and impactful.  It does this by offering tools and practices that open up insights into your work, your goals, and the deeper potentials of individuals and groups. It takes an evolutionary-holistic view of the dynamic interactions between individuals, teams, organizations, and stakeholders; scanning both explicit outcomes and implicit meaning-making systems.  Participatory Agility gives you and your team more resilience and capacity to thrive, but it asks more of you as well: more self-inquiry and self-revelation; more willingness to try and fail, and experience uncertainty as we live in deeper contact with the chaos of our fast-changing business contexts; and more integrity and autonomy as we continuously test for the alignment of all of the levels of our self, our team, and our stakeholders.

One of the key tools we bring to this endeavor is a developmental model that helps us map alignment between the complexity of our performance and the complexity of project demands.  We work with the most recent theories of assessing performance/consciousness/culture/context. Our assessments are not used for pigeonholing people into boxes, or for high-stakes decisions or certifications—they are intended to be held lightly in support of deeper self-reflection and collective dialog on our capacities, opportunities, and challenges.