Ways that you can support or join us


Cold (warm) hard (virtual) cash

We are still operating as an independent small tech startup requiring tons of labor-of-love work to nurture our vision-of-service. If your heart moves you to support us financially you can do that through the PayPal account paypal@openwaysolutions.com.

Become an early adopter

Contact us to become an early adopter of the StageLens technology.  We will work with you to answer important organizational or systemic questions about the developmental profile of a group or population. 

Work for/with us!

We will soon be hiring and/or contracting for various roles (most part-time for now), including administrative assistance, sales and marketing, R&D, product development, and customer service. 

Capital Investments

We are not actively looking for investors at this time, but if you have resources and feel drawn to our mission we are interested in talking to you. 

Start your own subsidiary!

No, we are not too new or too small to grow subsidiary businesses! Developmental theory offers insights into every cultural domain and business segment. If you want to take leadership in bringing our technology to a market that you have deep expertise in, we can talk about licensing it to allow you to grow that business yourself.

Spread the word

Please tell your colleagues and send them to StageLens.com!

Metaintegral's grant-funding drive

[On Pause for now!] Join those donating to the MetaIntegral Foundation which is trying to fund a handful of leading edge projects—including StageLens!